Coral AI: Talk to your Texts!

Coral AI is a website that allows you to upload pdf documents and then ‘talk’ with them. It is AI based, so you can have a conversation in natural language with it (actually, it is built on one of the best language models out there).

For example, it will provide you with a summary of a book. Or it will tell you if a certain piece of information can be found in a text.

You can choose to ‘talk’ to one document or to all of them. The nice thing is that Coral will not only answer your questions, but it will tell you where it found the answer (document + page number). This is really useful for fact checking!

Another use case is to scan and upload business cards. It will then allow you to just ask ‘List all my contacts in France’ or ‘list all my contacts with profession ‘writer’ or ‘journalist’.

Some tips:

  • Buy a professional book scanner if you want to convert physical books to pdf.
  • Use the free toolset PDF24 to convert all kinds of documents to pdf (and to compress the files so that they are below Coral’s 50 MB file size limit)
  • Take a look at the tutorials Coral provides. They are short and to the point.
  • If you buy books, consider getting them in electronic format as well.
  • Download pdf’s from ‘official’ websites so you are sure to have authoritative sources.

Get Coral AI here